Monday, December 5, 2011

Surprise of my Life!

Today has been quite a shock, in an amazing way!! I heard a knock at the door and saw the FedEx guy leaving, which I thought was crazy because I knew we weren't expecting anything. Savannah and I went over to the door and there was a big package addressed to me in a Cricut Cake box. I opened the box, because obviously this was too much for me to wait : ) and there it was a beautiful red Cricut Cake machine.
I was absolutely stunned! When I told Glenn I promised him it wasn't me : ) haha
I can't express how grateful and excited I am.
This machine is seriously so exciting! It makes it really fun to decorate cakes in incredible ways!

The crazy part is that I have no idea who sent it to me. I am really stumped and have no idea how I could possibly thank whoever it was enough! I really am so thankful and feel really loved that someone would do something like that for me because they knew it would make me so happy and that I would love having!

What an amazing Christmas Surprise! Thank you from all my heart whoever sent this fun and thoughtful gift to me!


Brooke said...

How fun! Can't wait to see what you create!

Crystal said...

thats so awesome chrissy! I have a cricut expression I'm in love with,cant wait to see your cute cakes!