Monday, February 4, 2013

"Cooking" together with Mommy

 Having fun "cooking" together. I gave them both a bowl of flour, a spoon, and a cup of water while mommy was making cupcakes. We all had a really fun time!

Twice in a week---One brave Momma haha. Realized they didn't even care about the water(made the mess significantly smaller too!) They just enjoy scooping the flour in and out of the bowl. 
It is the simple things....: )

As I am writing this post Savannah and Judah are supposed to be taking a nap right now, Judah is in his room and it is pretty quiet so he might be asleep. Savvy sleeps in our room for naptime because Judah and Savvy won't sleep in the same room for naptime, they just play the whole time. Savvy is in our room reading her Book of Mormon and singing Scripture Power.


Mandy said...

They are JUST the sweetest....I may just have to pull out the sugar when I cook instead of her fake food. ha! AND cute Savannah singing scripture power and reading....what a little obedient, smart, and sweet girl! They are getting so big!!!

Alicia said...

I loved this one!

Steve and Nicole said...

seriously your kids are SOO beautiful! Savannah is obviously a beauty. and that judah is So dang handsome!