Sunday, September 23, 2012

"Did that tickle?..." Stories

Today Savvy and I were talking and singing together. We sang I am a Child of God. She did so good and so we were going to do a fist pump but instead of getting my hand she hit her fist to my jaw. I said Ow! and she giggles and asks, "Did it tickle?" I said no lol it did not tickle. : )

When I go to the restroom Judah LOVES to come to the door and put his fingers under the door so I can tickle them. He laughs so hard. I have never heard him laugh so hard! He just loves it! 

Judah is such a little hugger! If I am gone to work or something and I come home he throws his arms out really wide and runs to me with a smile on his face! I love that little boy so much!

Because I always say "I love you so much" to Savannah, it is the phrase she says. She always emphasizes the SO MUCH part. It is really sweet.

Glenn's Aunt Jean watches the kids for us while we are both working(while Glenn is getting ready for the LSAT.....2 more weeks!!) She has a pool in the backyard and one afternoon Judah and Savvy were playing outside. Savvy was on the steps of the pool playing with some cups. Judah was playing with a ball. He decided to throw it in the pool but as he ran to the pool to throw the ball in, he went with it! He was so surprised that he ended up in the pool! Aunt Jean went in after him and brought him over to the basketball hoop to take his mind off of it and he was just fine! 

When Savvy wants a drink she asks for her "sippyjuice".

Judah's favorite game is keep away, I suppose. But it is not Savvy's. He loves to run to where Savvy is playing and take a toy from her and run away so that she will chase him to try and get it back. He laughs so hard as he runs away and as Savvy tries to get it from him. Savvy has a straight face...she does not even crack a smile. : ) and this is a situation that happens very often!


Lisa said...

Haha! Oh man, I loved reading all of these! What funny little kids!

Alicia said...

I'm with Lisa. Such fun stories of them. I was going through withdrawl, but knew you guys were super busy. Love these kiddies!

Brooke said...

So cute! Judah is just doing his job as brother by pestering Savvy. I love the tickle story, and that Judah is a hugger, that is so cute!