Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two in One


2010 was a very busy year for us.
We had TWO babies in ONE year. It was pretty tiring to be pregnant with a baby, especially with her being so little and dependent. It may have been a little harder than most people's first time baby but all in all I wouldn't change a thing now.
But I am really happy not being pregnant right now! (if we had the same situation, I would have been pregnant for a week already) The break from pregnancy is AWESOME! I have so much more energy and wrestling these two is much easier than it was with Savannah and being pregnant with Judah. I love having both of them, Savannah makes me laugh constantly and Judah smiles and talks to me all day long.
It is a little bit of a juggling trick sometimes to keep these two happy : ) Savannah thinks that all bottles belong to her and if she doesn't have one she has no problem walking over and taking Judah's right out of his mouth.
Savannah does LOVE Judah though. It is a little challenging sometimes to keep her away from him. She will try and pat his head but she doesn't quite realize that it feels more like smacking his head to him. But she does bend her head down and touch it to Judah's and she smiles. I hope they will be really good friends.

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